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DISCUSSION FOCI:  The Issues of Faith / Race / Class / Environment / Human Rights / Justice & Peace (that are raised in the

CD Recording Project GUITARS & VOICES…Talking About Choices) are paired with a Lectionary Year C Scripture Reference, then presented with the opinions and experiences of a Special Guest Panelist who is personally connected with the issues.  Each Zoom Video Conference Call will focus on a different Song and Centering Question.


SCHEDULE SEQUENCE:  The Weekly Wednesdays of Lent 2019:  March 6th – April 17th @ 9:00p – 10:15p 

FORMAT:       Panel Moderator (Rick Ufford-Chase) and a Guest Panelist volley with Warren (B) Cooper on the questions raised for them in the song(s) of focus for the week.  The discussion will be framed with a Centering Question and a Scriptural Lectionary text from the following Sunday.  Zoom Attendees will have an opportunity to interactively insert questions and comments to and for the Panelists.

WEEK 1 – Wednesday, March 6th                                   Guest Panelist:  Rev. Alonzo Johnson

Song 1a:                       Go Down (Just Like) Moses

Scripture Focus:            Joel 2:1-2, 12-17

Centering Question:      What focused foundation can support our position(s) for Human Rights?

WEEK 2 – Wednesday, March 13th                                 Guest Panelist:  Rabbi Leora Abelson

Song 1b:                       Go Down (Just Like) Moses (con’t)

Scripture Focus:            Psalm 27

Centering Question:      What repentance will satisfy our demands for Human Rights?

WEEK 3 – Wednesday, March 20th                               Guest Panelist:  Philip Farah

Songs 2 & 3:                 (Heaven &) Nature Boy  *  Twinkle…Bethlehem Star

Scripture Focus:            Isaiah 55:1-9

Centering Question:      How do we hear, seek and follow the Life Witness of Jesus?

WEEK 4 – Wednesday, March 27th                                       Guest Panelist:  Rev. T. Denise Anderson

Songs 4 & 5:                 I AM Here  *  Concentrate On Love

Scripture Focus:            2 Corinthians 5:16-21

Centering Question:      How can an ‘enemy’…become an ally?


WEEK 5 – Wednesday, April 3rd                                       Guest Panelist:  Rev. Jeffrey Geary

Songs 6 & 7:                 The (Star Spangled)(Scar Strangled) Banner *  Mitigated Witness

Scripture Focus:            Psalm 126

Centering Question:      How can we stand…and when do we kneel?


WEEK 6 – Wednesday, April 10th                                     Guest Panelist:  Joss Yarbrough

Songs 8 & 9:                 Falafel Hush Puppy  *  It’s Me (Standing In The Need…)

Scripture Focus:            Isaiah 43:16-21

Centering Question:      Which palate most informs the ballot that we cast for Justice?

WEEK 7 – Wednesday, April 17th                                       Full Guest Panelist Circle

Song 10:                       Hallelujah

Scripture Focus:            Hebrews 10:15-25  *  John 20:1-18

Centering Question:      How can we simultaneously celebrate the crucifixion and the resurrection?

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