HEALING THROUGH WORSHIP IN PRAISE is a specially blended Healing Meditation Soundtrack.  Since shortly after the beginning of time, the need for healing has existed.  Pervasively today there is an Impacted Suffering that is causally connected to the root cause of that need for Reconciliation.  The Ministry of Jesus Christ reveals the place for Acts of Healing to be one of priority; it is in fact a Ministry that is founded and focused on the formula for the healing of the most important relationship in our lives (our relationship with God The Creator).


The Full Power of God was manifest in the life of Jesus, and was the motivating energy source for the miraculous acts of healing he performed.  That same Power Jesus used in his acts of healing is available for our use at this very moment.  This CD is a Therapeutic Music Mix that provides a soundtrack for that Healing Energy to manifest itself through the prayerful posture of the listener.  As that energy accrues, it (in the most blessed of circumstances) does so in the specific image projected by your Meditative Vision of Yourself Made Whole.  The system for the most effective use is referred to as:




1)  Listen in Perfect Silence


2)  Meditate In Focused Prayer, Worship & Praise


3)  Absorb the Rhythm of the Music


4)  Dance in Perfect Stillness


5)  Visualize Your Healing/Wholeness


6)  Believe & Receive


7)  Repeat to Taste



May God Bless You To Perfect Peace in the Perfect Vision of Your Perfect Healing.

HEALING THROUGH WORSHIP IN PRAISE - A Therapeutic Healing Soundtrack - (CD)


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