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Voice and Compositional Arrangements of WARREN "B" COOPER


This is a Project dedicated to offering a fresh look, a fresh voice and a centered frame of approach to the fundamental question related to the survival of the human species; “How can we all…get along…?”


It is possible for us to live in Peace, and it is possible for the currency of Love to supersede the currencies of Greed and Victimization. The desire to make a conscious choice to walk with purpose in a direction that honors Human Rights….is only an inspiration away.


We present GUITARS & VOICES as kindling flame intended to inspire the desire for human behavior that nurtures a more Healthy and Peaceful Planet.







1)  CONCENTRATE ON LOVE  *  (Warren Cooper)


This song was written in the wake of the white supremacist marches that happened in 2017 at Charlottesville, VA. It begins as a sort of venting that appears to point fingers at “them-there-people”, and then ventures through a re-connection-of-the-dots that settles on the cornerstone of a Healing Solution for the Places damaged by Hate Pollution: CONCENTRATE ON LOVE.



2)  GO DOWN (JUST LIKE) MOSES  *  (Arr. Warren Cooper)


Juxtaposing the story and context of an epoch Negro Spiritual into the frame of the current Palestine / Israel Paradox, this song reaches to illustrate the irony of present history in the light of ancient historical truth. It is a proclamation that is intended to be a Call-To-Action for all Global Citizens concerned with Human Rights. Some history cannot be allowed to repeat itself...and in prevention thereof, we are called to GO DOWN (JUST LIKE) MOSES.



3)  MITIGATED WITNESS  *  (Warren Cooper)


In a world where we are constantly being judged by each other, this is a testimonial song about choosing to transcend the criticism of Fellow Sinners. Since there are none who can equal the perfection of God, and since all Sin is equal in its compromise of our Witness for righteousness: it stands to reason that everyone who’s living needs forgiving for their MITIGATED WITNESS. This is a song that proclaims the Forgiveness to be found in using our MITIGATED WITNESS for God’s Praise.



4)  THE NEW NATIONAL ANTHEM  *  (Arr. Warren Cooper & Shawn Qaissaunee)


In the light of the Colin Kaepernick Protest, this version of the USA National Anthem is a celebration of the America that True Americans dare to believe in, notwithstanding the way That America has embodied countless contradictions of Her Ideals. The first verse of The Star Spangled Banner is framed and then reframed to represent in the Present Paradigm of America.  It speaks Hope into the current set of challenges facing True Democracy, and extends a prayerful petition for the Constitutional Vision of the United States of America to be actually realized.



5)  I AM HERE MY LORD (I AM HERE)  *  (Arr. Warren Cooper)


The traditional Gullah Spiritual KUM BA YAH (Come By Here) emerged from a paradigm where a transplanted people sought for the God that they knew…to find them…and come by. This reframing of that traditional package is an affirmation of the notion that God Is Everywhere, and therefore already here...with us. So as we seek to feel God’s Presence…I AM HERE.



6)  NATURE BOY  *  (Arr. Warren Cooper & Shawn Qaissaunee)


This Nat King Cole Classic is organically rendered, and steered into a context that invites all to partake of a new way of looking at, and seeing Nature…the Nature of creation, the Nature of ourselves, and the Nature of God’s Promises…a standing invitation...from the NATURE BOY Himself.



7)  TWINKLE, TWINKLE BETHLEHEM STAR  *  (Arr. Warren Cooper)


This refreshing twist on the traditional childhood lullaby uses new lyrics to the familiar melodiy to focus our attention onto the Bethlehem Star.  It leads us, even today, as it did the Wise Men...into and through a passionate celebration of the birth of the Manger Baby Born Jesus. As children are being born into bleak and challenging circumstances every day, this rendition imagines how a transcendence of imposed difficulty can be found among the collection gifts that We Bring…to the Manger.  TWINKLE, TWINKLE BETHLEHEM STAR.



8)  FALAFAL HUSH PUPPY  *  (Warren Cooper)


This song is a light-hearted look at the identical aspects of culturally specific foods. As it turns a wry eye to the subject, it also sneaks a glance at a basic question; “If you can have a chew on a Palestinian falafel, why can’t you have a chat with a Palestinian Person?” Lover’s of Soul Food will agree…as much as it’s about the food, it’s about the “You and Me”…O Taste and See...FALAFEL HUSH PUPPY.



9)  IT'S ME (STANDING IN THE NEED OF PRAYER  *  (Arr. Warren Cooper)

      Featuring The Quantum Quartet

This streetcorner 'round the trash can' rendition of the Traditional Negro Spiritual harkens to childhood days at the Susquehanna-Dauphin Broad Street Subway Station in Warren's hometown of Philadelphia, PA.  The echoing acoustic of harmonizing voices...leaning in to massage the Groove...speaking for the Me that is We, and the We that is Me...Standing In The Need Of Prayer.

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