In an Age where Diversity is a fact of life...and in a country that was built on the very essence of Diversity; it seems that the most American thing we can do in the face of an opinion (or whatever) that is different from us (and/or our own opinion), is to listen and understand what the thinking is behind it, then assess what the distinctions are...and then to take the extra step of exploring where the similarities and common ground can be found...between you and the object of your difference...such that peaceful, respectful co-existence can be enjoyed by all.

GUITARS & VOICES...Talking About Choices is a commentary on both the sting of current Truths, and the Hope that leads to the Resolution of the One Sure Solution...which is to universally honor the ethic of human rights and empower all peaceful efforts to create new ways of being regarded and respected...and new ways to restore the Health of Our Planet. 


May The Seed Of This Sound Empower The Activation Of Holy Ground...Amen.

Thank You For Your Support of Non-Violent Activists For Justice-Peace.